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Certified Neurocise® Practitioner (CNP)

Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner™ (CHP)
& Performance Hypnosis Practitioner™ (PHP) Designations

ExecuLearn® & the International Society of NeuroTechnics™ Announce

New certification training programs in Neurocise® - Go to http://www.neurotechnics.org/NeurociseDesignations.htm

New certification training programs leading towards the following Clinical Hypnosis & Performance Hypnosis designations:

  • Practitioner
  • Master Practitioner
  • Advanced Master Practitioner

The accelerated programs are predominantly experiential & include live & interactive presentations, demonstration, supervised practice or internship & competency-based practicum experiences where you receive intensive feedback & detailed guidance in the application of your learnings.

Through the use of hypnosis & neuro-linguistic programming you will become equipped with a systemic & systematic treatment approach & advanced techniques to assist you in tailoring treatment or interventions “literally” to the individual (No scripts or canned approaches).

You will learn to precisely evaluate client needs & resources in the moment & deliver precision hypnotic interventions that will make the difference that makes a difference today.

We invite you to preview the programs below & contact us to discuss how you can begin earning your hypnosis practitioner now.                

Phone: 813-221-5466

2016-2017 Trainings: http://www.execulearn.com/images/ElvisLesterTrainingSchedule2016-2017.pdf

Click fo PDF Download of Hypnosis Practitioner Programs and requirements.


HYPNOSIS DESIGNATIONS AWARDED: (Click to see requirements for each designation.)

  • Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner (CHP)
  • Clinical Hypnosis Master Practitioner (CHMP)
  • Advanced Clinical Hypnosis Master Practitioner (ACHMP)
  • Performance Hypnosis Practitioner (PHP)
  • Performance Hypnosis Master Practitioner (PHMP)
  • Advanced Performance Hypnosis Master Practitioner (APHMP)
  • Certified Trainer of Clinical Hypnosis or Performance Hypnosis (Practitioner Level)**


Requirements for Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner™ (CHP)* or Performance Hypnosis Practitioner™ (PHP) designation:

50 Hours       TranceMastery™ Practitioner

Requirements for Clinical Hypnosis Master Practitioner™ (CHMP)* or Performance Hypnosis Master Practitioner™ (PHMP) designation:

50 Hours       TranceMastery™ Master Practitioner

*CHP must be Licensed or a Registered Intern in your State/Country to practice healing arts.



  • Use of CHP or PHP designation as an identifying credential reflecting high standards and their individual commitment to their profession.
  • Eligibility to attend TranceMastery™ Hypnosis Master Practitioner program to achieve Clinical Hypnosis Master Practitioner™ or Performance Hypnosis Master Practitioner™ designation.
    • Use of CHMP (Clinical Hypnosis Master Practitioner) & PHMP (Performance Hypnosis Master Practitioner) upon completion of Master Practitioner requirements.
  • Exclusive entry to Professional Subscriber section of ExecuLearn® website for audio-video downloads, course materials/handouts, advanced techniques/changework processes.
  • Access to Skill-Building Webinars on specific practice applications
  • Opportunity for Coaching or Mentoring to assist in honing your skills, building brand & integrating hypnosis into your practice success.
  • 50% discount when you repeat courses.  Select courses may be attended at no charge to participants seeking advanced practicum experience.
  • 10% discount on select products.
  • Much More...


Current Schedule Of Upcoming Trainings

Email: Elvis@neurotechnics.org
Reach Elvis Lester by phone: 813-221-5466

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