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Of course, the "LIVE" trainings are where you will find people of like mind
and opportunities to practice and hone your skills.

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Web-Based Learning

We NOW offer online training via WebEx other media sources and making efforts to bring the most up-to-date patterns to you. We want to make it as convenient, accessible and in a format that suits your learning styles and pleasure.  

So, we have designed several "delivery systems", that will provide you a way to "introduce" yourself and others to the NLP, General Semantics, NeuroTechnics models.  

Visit ExecuLearn® Training Center™ (ETC) at http://execulearn.webex.com and join us for some wonderful blended learning experiences!!!

If you are interested in webinars (web-based "live" learning) and eLearning (learning online) email Elvis@neurotechnics.org.

We look forward to hearing from you and your participation in these events.


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