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Audio: Learn How to Quiet Your Mind & Begin to Design Your State of Mind with more intention and elegance (15 minutes - with music - Travel Time - http://tranceland.com/songtitles.php)

Audio: Peaking Your State & Becoming more MindWise in how you Choose to "Flex" your State of Mind & Body & Emotion

Audio: Neurocise to Condition Your Self for Success - Identity-Role Modeling MindFirst

Audio: MindSets of Excellence - Got Attitude - 10 Minute .mp3 - Persuasion Elegance and Relationship Dynamics on the inside. How you "set your mind" with what you say yes or no to in how you think and feel and do in mind.

Audio: Mega-Stating More and More! - .mp3/27 mg. - 15 minutes - Mix and blend great states to make a much more pleasurable and positive, empowering experience. Do it now! Why not?! A little noise in places - live recording - oh well! Music "Steps to Paradise" (TranceLand.com).

Audio: Deep Inside - 37 mg. - Enjoy a relaxing trance - be at ease - deep inside learnings - Live Event recording - MeetUp - NLP & Hypnosis of Tampa Bay. Music "All In A Dream".(TranceLand.com)

Audio: Conversational Trance & Conversational NLP
Introduction to how you can Learn to communicate & relate in ways that lead others to experience their best operating States, Strategies, Skills and Resource States. Enhance your ability to motivate & persuade - influence with the power of NLP & hypnotic communication.

Audio: Psygiene™ - The Power of Psygienics™
Become more aware of how you do think and feel and evaluate, as well as how you assign meaning and "say and do and view" thinking inside - inmind. Allow your self to experience more clean, crisp and clear communications and relations between "you and you" - the most important relationship you have. This will then cascade into your relationshiips outside and improve not only their quality but also their value and impact. 13 minutes with mini-exercise


NEW - From Erickson to Bandler - How I Do It My Way - Introduction to Elvis Lester's Background in NLP, Hypnosis and his Professional Services.

NEW - PsyPerformance™ to Win Within - Systems to teach you How to Improve Performance MindFirst

Natural Tranquility - All In A Dream - Take a Trance through Yellowstone National Park with photos and voice (hypnotic of course) by Elvis and music by Howard Helm from Elvis & Howard's CD "All In A Dream" - Title cut "All In A Dream". Enjoy the "natural tranquility" you will achieve by watching, listening & learning how you can have peace of mind & body. Enjoy. 

Communicate Your Identity - View our very First ScreenCast hosted by ScreenCast.com. This presentation introduces Identity Engineering & iVIBES Modeling & Marketing. Here I detail how "VIBES Drive" Customers to Do Business with YOU! 12 minutes in length. Voice Narration.


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