Changing Behavior - Context - Intent --> Desire - Setting Direction

April 5, 2013

We know that people do behave purposefully whether they know it or not. The meaning we give to or that we hold of and for a behavior is a direct function of the specific context in which the behavior was developed and is displayed or done.

We must consider the Context in which the behavior occurs when it comes to changing it. The question is "Does it fit in the current context?" It was designed likely to serve a specific function. AND, it may have "fit" well when we first did it but now it may not Fit or continue to fit for you? The "Form" of the behavior may have become inappropriate or inadequate. Or it may no longer fit (or fix the issue) that it was originally addressed to do. Given the original Context – & Frame of Reference we were in at the time - it may very well have been a decent choice. It was possibly the best choice for a positive intent.

Now, though, does it get cued involuntarily, and run regardless of intent and holds little to no value or in fact have negative consequences?

By changing the context we can change the meaning and even the very desire to do the behavior. If it is "outdated" - no longer desired or of value - then we can replace it with a more pertinent and ecological and form of behavior that does fit and is "true for or of you" - the you of now not then. Not this --> That...  so to speak.

All behavior derives meaning from the context in which it is performed. Change the context - change the meaning of the doing and you can change the desire to do as well. That was then - this is now - who are you now and how will you behave in this moment. It is a choice isn't it? Not to forget what we want (and our intent) and how we intend to go about generating it in the situation...

We could be speaking of weight loss, habits or patterns of behavior you would truly benefit by changing them.

Being more success oriented toward the future... we have the power to preempt how we behave or perform in specific settings by deciding and designing our actions 'ahead of the moment'. And, pre-hearsing them or practicing to prepare ourselves for the coming events. 

Isn't it so true, that a small change in behavior – may very well set into motion larger more sweeping changes that propel us in the DIRECTION of desired Outcomes and achieve behavioral results we dreamed of?

What used to trigger the "old" not may trigger the new more desirable response or behavior... that is aligned with your most recent values and intentions and expectations you hold for yourself & your life.

Change Context – ChangeDirection - CHANGE BEHAVIOR