Clear & well designed Action Steps Achieved MindFirst!

August 9, 2012 at 7:52pm

Often times in counseling or coaching we are presented with clients who are lacking in resources or strategies to achieve what it is that they truly desire. Even more so, we are presented with their “stories” (or histories) of “what is going on” in the client’s life focusing on what they don’t want versus what they do want - strategies and attempted solutions that either don’t work or don’t get desired results.

We know that one of the key factors in successful interventions is that we must assist clients in identifying positive outcomes or directions they do want to set and identifying what they “can do” (behaviorally) – specific actions they can take - to make desired outcomes a reality in their lives.

When we give mind to what it is we want deep inside we can use our imagination to create the vision of how we can make it happen and actually feel or experience what is like to have it right now deep within our sense of self, mind and body. We don’t really have to wait to experience it internally. This provides the opportunity to “have and to hold it” – to experience, to feel it and to come from it with greater understanding and depth of knowledge of what it is like to actually be & act that way in our “real” lives.

Positive - Powerful - Pleasurable - Purposeful ways of creating & knowing – thinking, feeling & doing - so that we can take action knowing that we "can do" & move towards what we want instead of only away from what we don't.

This one well-formed condition (for setting desired outcomes & action planning) is where we start... where we continually come from... and where we will most often return... to what it is that is positive - what the client does want or desires to transpire in their life.

Knowing this will not only "set the direction" required to create productive movement in our client’s lives, it will also begin to propel them - to push and to pull them towards their most cherished "desired states".

Let’s do a little exercise…

Imagine, right now, stepping into the future & having what it is that what you want, your outcome, fully.

Make your outcome manageable & achievable

Set specific time frames to achieve DS (Desired State)

Identify more than one way to achieve DS

Identify Limits, blocks, and impasses or binds

Identify Resources, Strategies & Skills (RSS)

Apply & Extend into the Future

That's it for now...