Conscious - Unconscious Interplay & Intraplay

August 17, 2013

The "push" for "exaggeration" (dramatics) may well be lined up with the effort to make Representations (VAKO/G - 4-tuples) strong enough, significant enough, value for desired responses or patterns to develop and to happen. Making it much more dramatic of a value - exaggerates it - signaling a higher level value, higher than normal - more likely to be acted upon - Say Yes to it! More Congruently...

Of course this works for the "not-so-good" feelings/sensations as well doesn't it?

The "unconscious mind" with its strategies and processes that operate primarily below the level of awareness... feeds - back - through a circularity to the conscious mind.

Systemic looping - emergent properties

The idea - for mastery - expertise - is to develop the relationship qualities between the Conscious and the Unconscious aspects of self. How are you doing that? Today?

Patterning (and Patterns) - habitual processes - outside conscious awareness - that's why people are so awed by the "automatic" nature of - or automaticity (done unconsciously or from force of habit). The grail so to speak... but is it really?!? Yet, it comes up to practice, repetition, rehearsal and anchoring...

With "consciousness" - we seem to have been limited by how we filter perceptually (perceptual filters) and "representational abilities" (however expanse or limited).

But NOW... in this day and age we have hypnosis - NLP - DHE - Neurocise, etc. to assist us as "neural extensions" of our abilities... to practice and to do so deliberately - masterfully... to evolve - can't we?

Fortunately there is a "larger consciousness" we have complete access to - well depending upon our abilities and "meta-abilities" - the "larger circuitry" we have available as a gift - a birthright... Yet, it seeks instruction, structure, order and ultimately works from our ability to evaluate and to create relations and relationships - to organize & provide it a system to function within. Complex equivalence, cause effect, elements of excellence, models & methods, and more - Meta-Skills and abilities.

It is a given that most mental (and emotional) processes are "outside conscious awareness" - and that those that do reach conscious awareness may not be the most salient or useful - valuable or worthy of our time and precious resources... or invariably help us to reach our desired results or outcomes.

How do you discover and utilize more intently those unconscious processes, patterns or responses that are most profitable and pleasurable to you or those you care about

It is likely through dissociation - and then through ASSOCIATION - to self-correct - to notice difference(s)...

We do sometimes need to "dissociate" to gain another perspective - a little distance - taking a longer look - get a different "vantage point" to gain feedback - and turn it into learning and successes... Self referencing, self-correcting - highly valuable skills and processes that do benefit us tremendously. Don't they?

So - why not have a little conversation with "your other mind" today - a rich and trance encounter - and strengthen your neural pathways ensuring... your chance for more joy and fulfillment, peace of mind and contentment in your life today, if not daily.

Would you like a trance? A chance to InJoy - your very own Conscious Unconscious interplay & intraplay!?!

Feel free to download and play the audio I have provided a link to below as a gift to you in building upon your ability to "go into trance" and appreciate both your conscious and your unconscious mind's abilities to learn and to grow, experience more than what you think! Why not?! Go for it - you will be glad you do. - Audio recording (music - trance with Elvis Lester)