Identity Creation and Vibration - Spinning Who We Are & Desire to be!

February 16, 2012 at 10:28am

Nothing speaks louder than real live experiences and the words that come from the mouths of those who are doing.

Regarding how we “vibrate” and generate our own identities, to this end my belief is that we “identity-engineer” all the time. We are always creating what I refer to as “VIBES”

     Values-Intentions-Beliefs-Expectations(emotions)-States that we give off as VIBES (to self first and then others).

The very language we see use reflects that we do engineer who we are in the moment and “come from” this or that “identity” with related VIBES. Good and so-called "Bad" VIBES.  

Realizing that we can be who we wish of course and shed and assume outdated or unwanted “identity formations” is super empowering.

Some of what I do is called “Identity Coaching™” and Identity-Engineering™ using iVIBES™ Modeling.

We “focus on the form of how to succeed and how to facilitate your ability to function” - on the very structure (process) required to get you what you want and to come from who you really are and what you value, intend, believe in and expect! Once you know this and you can get into a great State you can drive how your performance and behavior to the next and higher levels and beyond what you previously thought possible.

Think about it! Just how much better could you do in your daily living out who you truly are and desire to become...

If you’d like more information write me at I will happily expound and send you more info on the models.

Thanks for your time!

Elvis Lester