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May 23, 2013

Kinesthesia - is our sense-awareness of our body/balance, muscles, muscle tension, muscle memory – movements/gestures, including proprioception (inner body sense-awareness of movements/organs/somatic functioning), etc.

I find that in working with clients this is a very important aspect of healing work – especially when working with stress-release-tension. How we add more control of how we evaluate and respond to stimuli (or not) are Meta-Skills of great value.

There is a technique called "neuro-semantic relaxation" that is very helpful here - simply feeling with one hand the tension level in the other hand (or fingers/muscles), to 'loosen up' with the primary focus upon"semantic (meaning/evaluations we are doing related to it) rather than the mechanical aspect". How we do comment upon or how we relate to what is going on may temper or flavor our experience in both desirable and undesirable ways. In some ways we may enhance our abilities to 'delay reaction'... and possibly interrupt or redirect how we do respond.

Kinesthesia is but one of our "Sense Systems" - to include of course - Visual - Auditory - Olfactory - Gustatory. These are"systems" - let's not forget but remember that they are not just 'channels' – “complex systems” that involve functions such as reception-transmission, perception-organization, interpretation-evaluation, conversion of energy, extension, experience, etc.

It is through enhancing kinesthetic awarenesses - that we are more able to harness the power of direction - space/time wise - where we can through perspective - set direction and make corrections along the way towards what we desire to experience more of in life.

It is through the kinesthetic system that we 'first respond' to the world of 'event-happenings'... through our sense organs - sensations are either perceived or not perceived... sent or not sent between the body and the mind... vs. Control - will/intent - the channel between the mind and the body...

Unconscious can be defined as when the body is actively responding, Mind may be inactive (not deliberately responding - does not mean that it is not responding to hypnotics) - Control may be inactive (likely more receptive and open - to being "guided"). Do you sense where this is going? Can you say HYPNOSENSE?!

There's much more going on between "EB = IS" -external behavior and internal states - than we may actually give credence to...

Sense and Sensation – kinesthetics – plus will and intent (control or not) = more choices vs. less - to help guide and direct... even the development of 'neural pathways'.

How can you adjust your response-reactions (soma-semantic) to the "world of event-happenings” to experience ourselves at even more at our best with more pleasance kinesthetically? KQ


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Quote: People have to learn to manage their kinesthetics just like anything else. Richard Bandler


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