How do we Psynthesize "Our Realities"?

April 12, 2013 at 6:24pm

We psynthesize every day of our lives "realities" - we come from and go into multiple loops of experience throughout our days. I think sometimes we forget to remember that we are making it up as we go and to have fun as we do.

Through our channels -visual/auditory/kinesthetic - we manufacture - more or less preferring one over the other. When we rely more on our auditory channel (depending upon context)it is likely less range, flexibility and variety are experienced than those who utilize more robustly visual and kinesthetics for more full functioning.

While it takes skills - acuity -calibration - and more - to operate within V-K systems - in the auditory it is fairly simple - yes/no - +/- signaling/cueing - that allows us to pick and choose what to or not to believe. Makes sense that we'd need to learn these"meta-skills' and expand our range and repertoire of states and strategies doesn't it.

The very fact that beliefs and belief systems - seem to hide and become "stealth" - and that theymay over arch into multiple situations and contexts - network within them -makes it even more imperative that we also learn some skills at directly manipulating them when need be.