Reaching Threshold & Crossing into Solutions - Pleasures - TranceLand...

August 16, 2013

One of the "meta-patterns" I have noticed with high level and deep impact is that of Threshold which goes hand in hand with Tolerance. Whether we are aware or not of these dynamics in play in our behavior and functioning is a critical variable of excellence in our lives. We have a sense of readiness for certain things in our lives that we encounter or experience or have yet to do or experience. Our level of tolerance or 'threshold' for them may very well determine how well we do and how much we are successful in our endeavors.

When we reach or cross or approach or exceed a threshold, we know it - although it may not be conscious (which it probably should be) - we can tell it is nye.

Visual - Auditory - Kinesthetic - Olfactory - Gustatory come to mind. Submodalities as well help us to denote and to know when we are broaching the limits of what is tolerable or acceptable or when we have 'had enough'.

Thresholds have a way of resetting – adjusting – we are able to extend the range of what we can tolerate and become more – even more tolerant. This can be good and not-so-good - a "double edged sword". Can’t it?

We decide and we design our realities each and every day of our lives believe it or not! Why not decide to pay more attention to the signs of threshold that come through our sensory systems. VAKO/G.

Develop a meta-sense of readiness...

Because you can, can't you? Allow your conscious and your unconscious mind to remind to remember... to become more aware of threshold patterns in our lives.