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Elvis Keith Lester

Elvis Lester, MA, LMHC, NCC, MAC, ACHMT
President & Editor

I am extremely excited about what we have to offer at ISNT. We now provide an opportunity to focus even more clearly on building a pathway to mastery in the application of Hypnosis, Neurocise®, General Semantics (nero-linguistics and neuro-semantics) and other neurotechnics. With the addition of the Practitioner designations, we can now help direct attention to the very fundamentals and essentials of what it takes to succeed at being a great provider of hypnosis and Neurocise® no matter what profession.

I welcome you to get involved, participate and begin the process of enhancing and upgrading your skills. By doing so you will not only achieve more confidence you will add deeply to your competence and this will increase your personal and professional effectiveness and results.

I welcome you to ask any questions you may have. Do email me directly and I will be pleased to respond to your inquiries and requests. As always, feel free to contact me when I can be of assistance to you.

International/Local: 813-221-5466
Phone (US/Canada): 1-877-546-6777


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