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Neurocise® Designations


The International Society of NeuroTechnics™ establishes & promotes a continuum of professional hypnosis practitioner designations. These designations are specifically aimed at providing members an internationally recognized level of training & practical experience leading to enhanced proficiency in the delivery & use of hypnosis & various neurotechnics in their professions.

Designations are awarded upon completion of the required coursework, supervised practicum experience, internship or coaching programs (see designations below). Designees are bestowed the honor of utilizing Neurocise® designations as an identifying credential reflecting high standards and their individual commitment to their profession.


  • Certified Neurocise® Practitioner (CNP)
  • Certified Neurocise® Master Practitioner (CNMP)
  • Advanced Certified Neurocise® Master Practitioner (ACNMP)


Designees (CNP/CNMP/ACNMP) have met coursework requirements of attaining from 40-120 hours of experientially-based instruction & participated in live, supervised practicums provided by Elvis Lester.

Designations do not endorse or verify competency or qualifications of a practitioner. They do serve to identify those practitioners who have met a modicum of training & practical experience requirements to integrate & utilize Neurocise® as a profound method or tool for change and personal and professional improvement in clinical or performance enhancement settings.

Each participant must determine for themselves the practice laws of their respective states or countries & specific training & experience requirements to legitimately integrate the utilization of hypnosis in their profession.


Ongoing Continuing Education Requirements: Advanced Practicum (25 Hours Bi-Annually)


PRACTITIONER DESIGNATIONS – Eligibility Requirements

To earn Certified Neurocise® Practitioner (CNP) designation, all practitioners must:

  • Complete required coursework

    • Practitioner (40 Hours)

  • Demonstrate competency in required methods & techniques of hypnosis

Certified Neurocise® Master Practitioner (CNMP)

  • Complete Required Coursework

    • Master Practitioner (40 Hours)

  • Demonstrate competency (supervised practice) in advanced methods & techniques of hypnosis.


Advanced Certified Neurocise® Master Practitioner (ACNMP)

  • Complete Required Coursework
    • Advanced Master Practitioner Practicum Course (25 Hours)
    • Supervision Group & Mentoring with Elvis Lester
      • Demonstrate competency in advanced methods & techniques.


All applicants must be designees in good standing with the International Society of NeuroTechnics™ to maintain renewal status. Designations are to be renewed bi-annually June 30th. Initial bi-Annual designation is included in your training fee for CNP or Master Practitioner programs. Automatic renewal occurs upon completion of a Practitioner, Master Practitioner or Advanced Practicum Course.

  • Designees must attend an approved Advanced Practicum Course to continue development of skills & earn required continuing education for renewal of designation.
  • Or designess may attend an advanced course such as TranceMastery™ Hypnosis Master Practitioner (Clinical Hypnosis or Performance Hypnosis) or approved Licensed NLP programs (Practitioner or Master Practitioner or other qualified Advanced training programs).


ExecuLearn®/E. Keith Lester, PA is the primary provider of training and continuing education for the Clinical Hypnosis & Performance Hypnosis Programs. All continuing education is provided by a Qualified Teacher of Hypnosis and is approved by the State of Florida Department of Medical Quality Assurance meeting the required guidelines for LMHC, LCSW, LMFT, Licensed Psychologists, Limited Licensed Psychologists and Registered Nurses and Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners, etc. (FBON).

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