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Elvis Lester, MA, LMHC, NCC, MAC, ACHMT
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Welcome and thank you for visiting the International Society of NeuroTechnics™ website.

ISNT focuses primarily on applications and developments of models and methods (neurotechnics) of Hypnosis, NLP, General Semantics (neuro-linguistic & neuro-semantic processes) & Neurocise® developed by Elvis Lester. Our primary vision and desired outcome is to make the newest additions to the above models available to the world for the benefit and betterment of mankind and the advancement of human weal and zeal. We welcome you to share this site with your friends, colleagues and associates who are interested in learning.

We're UP to something BIG!!!

ISNT now offers a pathway to more mastery in hypnosis (and various other neurotechnics) via clinical and performance designations in hypnosis & Neurocise®. You can earn Practitioner, Master Practitioner or Advanced Master Practitioner designations by meeting specific requirements including training, practicum and directed learning experiences and add the practice of hypnosis models and methods to your profession. Please take a look at our designations and contact us regarding your interest in pursuing yours.

Click here to preview the Neurocise® and Clinical Hypnosis & Performance Hypnosis Designations offered through ISNT.

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