To The Society Of Neuro-Semantics!

What is the International Society of NeuroTechnics (ISNT) all about?

Glad you asked!

NeuroTechnics™ (NT™) is about human evaluating and the art and practice of various human excellence and performance improvement technologies including Hypnosis, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), General Semantics and Neurocise®.

NT builds upon the foundations of many fields to extend and expand what other "profound agents of change and transformation" have begun. The International Society of NT (ISNT) promotes various trainings including Neurocise® and clinical hypnosis (and performance hypnosis) designations for addition to your personal and professional change and improvement.

Training and education is provided to those involved with the NT Society who are primarily interested in certification or designation in the models and methods developed by Elvis Lester, MA, LMHC, NCC, ACHMT (Creator and developer of NT™and Neurocise®).

Here you will find the latest, cutting-edge information on applications and developments of Neurocise®, Hypnosis & human modeling techniques and performance enhancement models. You will have access to articles and other materials ranging from introductory level understandings of neuro-linguistics and neuro-semantics, General Semantics, Hypnosis, etc.  You will find information about trainings, practicum groups, skill-building groups, books, products, articles, videos and audios, announcements and other notices.

Thank you for participating in this exciting adventure with us!

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