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Each designee agrees to abide by the following driving principles & adhere completely to the ethical considerations as described below & State (Country) laws, rules or statutes regarding the use of hypnosis.

  • To practice using hypnosis only within the scope of training, supervision & expertise within their respective disciplines.

  • To maintain appropriate & required continuing education upgrading & updating their skills & expertise per renewal guidelines.

  • To recognize any limitations or issues of scope of practice preemptively & address these forthrightly with appropriate training, supervision, or skill-building prior to offering services in these specific areas of interest.

  • To represent expertise, competencies, capabilities & qualifications at all times in factual & non-deceptive or misleading means.

  • To maintain required licensure to practice in their profession & to notify of any changes in their licensure status immediately.

  • To refrain from using hypnosis or hypnotic techniques for the purposes of entertainment.

  • To avoid sensationalizing the use of hypnosis to the general public.

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